Accuracy of low-cost airlines and what are the peculiarities of the connections between them

The Accuracy and Connections of Low Cost Airlines


The Accuracy and Connections of Low Cost AirlinesDo we have to worry about the accuracy of low-cost airlines and what are the peculiarities of the connections between them? 

The airplane is approaching close to the airport, i.e. there is no need from bus, which also increases the speed of the flight service, and reduces its cost.

In their logs the low cost airlines boast the lowest indicators of flight delays and I’ve heard a few time the information announcement of KВС: “Today we arrived 15 minutes earlier than scheduled.”

Here, on one of the banners in the lounge is written, that Ryanair is the first among all low-cost airlines in Europe with the lowest percentage of lost luggage, and lowest percentage of delays and cancellations. Of course, significant delays also occur, but this happens with all airlines, just when flying with low cost airlines you should be prepared that you might have to solve your problems yourself – and this is a reasonable risk.

Running for the plane

My Personal Experience:

A: The responsibility of all low cost airlines in case of flight cancellation is regulated by European rules. You necessarily have to get familiar with them at the relevant section of the site before the flight. In May 2009, the flight Paris –Glasgow for 4 pm of the company Easyjet was canceled due to eruption of Icelandic volcano. The seats were revalidated for the later flight to Liverpool at 9:30 pm (the airport worked). Each of us was issued with two food coupons worth 5 euro and there was organized shuttle bus to the station Liverpool – Glasgow.

B: In 2008, my evening flight Vienna – Innsbruck of SkyEurope was canceled due to weather conditions at the arrival airport, the airline provided me with a hotel and an ealy morning flight.

The Working Week

Many people ask me “Which is the best time to purchase tickest?” First of all the cheapest airline tickets from low-cost companies can be purchased on weekdays. On Friday and on the weekends tickets are more expensive, there is no discount on holidays. But these factors can be predicted. When planning the trip you can take everything into account. And, of course, the cost increases approaching the date of the flight. I know from personal experience that the lowest airfare prices are noted 1.5 – 2.5 months before departure.

best time to buy airlinr ticket

Route Network

It ‘s huge! Big cities may be connected with several low cost airlines and sometimes there are 5-6 flights a day. Accordingly, buying tickets for flight at 6 am is way cheaper than for the evening flight. Tariffs are flexible.

Very important! Most low-cost airlines do not guarantee related flights and do not sell circuitous routes with 2-3 segments, even for their own flights. They have the right to change schedules and if your next flight is after 2 hours, and you’re late, in this situation, no one owes you anything.

airline connections

General Rules on Connections:

A: You buy a ticket from point A to point C with transfer at point B on the letterhead of one of all low cost airlines (There is an option for flights to be carried out by various low cost airlines under the agreement between them, the most important thing is – one ticket for the whole route). If a problem occurs with one of the segments, the airline will provide you with options to change your route.

B: You buy two different tickets A – B and B – C from one low cost airline or from different companies. In this case, all responsibility for the arrival in time for the departure of the second plane is just yours.

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