low cost airports

The Airports of Budget Airlines


low cost airports

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Airports that offer flights from low cost companies are carried out at remote, secondary airports, and budget terminals.

But for the passenger, the remote location of the airport can be a plus, it all depends on the route. Usually these airports are small, comfortable, and equipped with everything you need. Secondary airports are often modified military bases (Lübeck, Memmingen).

Traveling by bus from Skavsta to Stockholm takes 1.5 hours and the cost of a one-way ticket is 25 euros. By the way, in Sweden everything is expensive.

 Skavsta to StockholmA little far away from Stockholm, but on the other hand, complete peace reigns around!

Stockholm budget terminalVery nice airport situated 30 km away from the Swedish town of Malmö.

Swedish town of Malmö.Bergamo Airport, about an hour drive and costs only 5 euros from Milan.

Milano, BergamoValencia Airport.

Valencia Airport.Sometimes the main airports and low-cost terminals of the major airports are also being used for low-cost flights.


Budget terminal - Prague Budget terminal - PragueSingapore – budget terminal.

Budget terminal - Singapore Budget terminal - Singapore Budget terminal - Singapore Budget terminal - Singapore

The Main Factors, Which Lower the Tickets’ Price:

The 3 Types Low-cost Airlines 

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