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Welcome to my worldHi there, my name is Adriana Vassilkova and I am a child of the world, native of Bulgaria. A small country in Eastern Europe I call home!

I was travelling all around Europe, USA, part of Asia and Africa (always on budget), but  it seems that the most of my time I spend in Europe and around The Balkans. A long time ago I realized that unless I travel I want to share my experience with those of you who have the same passion like mine – independent travel. That`s why I made this blog. To help you as much as I can with my experience and thus become a part of your adventure around Europe and The Balkans. Since 2013 I turned my passion into a profession and now I am working as a private tour guide around the Balkan countries.

Yeah that’s me! I am in love with the adventures. My life fits in a backpack, by which I dream to travel the world. I believe in the spontaneous decisions, the waves, the smiles, and the magic power of nature. In other words, I live to travel and travel to live.IMG_3366

Several Facts that Describe What Kind of Person I am:

  • I studied photography and philosophy, but after that graduated in specialty “Tourism Management”
  • I’m a vegetarian for more than 13 years
  • I was living in Scotland and the US for a while
  • I am working as a tour guide, travel consultant and tour organizer
  • I am suffering from motion sickness so bad
  • I collect maps. The oldest is of Sri Lanka, from 1964th
  • I love to inspire people to travel
  • I hate suitcases so much, so never use them
  • But my backpack is my best friend :)
  • I am probably the biggest fan of Google maps
  • I like to share my travels with friends, but also love to travel solo
  • I always try to look on the bright side of things
  • My dream is to travel the world with my backpack and to open a hostel on the beach
  • I am a member of several international and local organizations:

Here you can see the short list of all my appearances on the Internet and beyond

I also have a Bulgarian blog – http://sunshine.bg which got awarded for the best blog in Bulgaria for the year 2014.

I am hundred percent sure that I make a lot of misspellings and grammar mistakes in my English posts and I am really sorry about that! Sometimes writing in English is such a pain in the ass for me as a non native English speaker, because sometimes is so hard to express myself in different language. Anyway, feel free to correct me. Or just make fun of me. I don’t care  :)


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