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Bansko Ski Center, Bulgaria


Bansko ski, BulgariaBansko is the newest Eastern Europe winter resort visited by many Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The city offers an interesting combination between the virgin nature of  the Pirin Mountains and the atmosphere of an authentic Bulgarian city. Skiing season along the Pirin slopes starts in mid-December to mid-April. Over the last few years, skiing in Bulgaria has become increasingly popular among European tourists, due to its amazing value for money.
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Ski tracks in Bansko ski center

Bansko Trail Map


Bansko ski resort offers excellent conditions for skiing for both beginners and experienced skiers. The tracks are absolutely safe and well maintained. For beginners and for those who want to improve their technique Bansko ski center offers ski school with five classes depending on the degree of training – A, B, C, D, E. The ski area in the alpine zone of the mountain is connected to the town by gondola and an asphalt road from Bansko to the peak of Pirin Mountain – Vihren.
Bansko Ski Center, Bulgaria

Bansko ski center details

During 2013 Bansko become the fastest growing tourist destination in Bulgaria.

Bansko is situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains (UNESCO World Heritage since 1983), which offers a beautiful backdrop to this traditional and culturally rich town.

The resort is located approximately 160km from the countries’ capital Sofia.

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Bansko Ski Center, Bulgaria Bansko Ski Center, Bulgaria Bansko Ski Center, Bulgaria

Ski Lifts in Bansko

In the Bansko ski area there are 23 lifts, of which seven chair, 6 lifts and ten baby drags. There is a walkway Carousel, new children trains and kindergarten.

Bansko Ski Lifts
Modern Bansko gondola connects the town with the area “Banderishka meadow” with an intermediate station Chalin Valog. The gondolas’ capacity  is 2400 people per hour and will take you from the city to the Bansko Ski Center.

Gondola in Bansko ski center, Bulgaria Gondola in Bansko ski center, Bulgaria27 Km of modern lifts.  Each of which hold a large capacity, and are fast and comfortable to transport tourists from the beginning of each track to their destination.

Ski Lift in Bansko, BulgariaSki Lift in Bansko, BulgariaSki Lift in Bansko, BulgariaSki Lift in Bansko, BulgariaSki Lift in Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko Ski Tracks

Bansko ski 2015 provides conditions for many sports besides Alpine skiing:  biathlon shooting, cross country skiing, snowboarding. The ski area has 17 marked trails with a total length of 65 km and 4 ski roads with a length of over 9 km. The location allows many combinations as you pass through different difficulty and slope areas.

Bansko ski runs, Bansko Bulgaria
During the 2014-2015 season, Bansko offers a unique opportunity for a 16 km continuous descent. The last 7 km from the ski road connects the ski center with the city of Bansko and is equipped with 40 artificial snow cannons and lighting for night skiing.Ski Lift in Bansko, BulgariaBansko Ski TracksBansko Ski TracksBansko Ski TracksBansko Ski Tracks
Up the mountains there are many snow bars where you can enjoy the summer sun at Bansko ski center. There, you can have a rest with cup of  hot tea, coffee or a snack. Remember that prices in cafes near ski runs are higher than in the city, so better buy sandwiches, snacks or drinks from a local shop before you go up!
Bansko snow bars Bansko snow barsBansko has recently hosted FIS World Cup alpine ski races: the women raced and super G and the men’s giant slalom in February 2012. Alpine and biathlon competitions take place regularly. It is expected that the summer biathlon world cup will also take place in the resort of Bansko.

FIS World Cup alpine ski races Bansko

Extreme Skiing in Bansko

In the region of the plateau of Mount Todorka is a fun park area for extreme skiers and snowboarders. The only half-pipe facility of its kind in the country facility is located near the top of the gondola. Access to the gondola and other facilities in the area is carried out electronically.

half pipe in Bansko Bulgaria

Ski Pass Prices in Bansko

In the table below you can check the prices in euros for lift ski passes for Bansko 2015.

Bansko SKi Pass Price

Bansko Live Web Cams

There are 6 live web cams located on key points in Bansko; Banderishka Poliana, Shiligarnika, the tail of the Platoto ski slopes and on the highest point of the resort, just under the Todorka peak.To see the live web cams please click the link

Also, there is a mobile application for Android which allows you to easily check the weather and live web cams in the area of Bansko, Bulgaria. –
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