7 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Your First Post-Quarantine Trip

Who would have thought we would be literally trapped in our houses almost all throughout 2020? Well, the reality is a sort of bleak, especially if you’re a traveler who always has a trip planned, but the pandemic won’t last forever.

Prep for your next trip once it’s safe to travel—this will keep you busy and sane for sure.

Certain countries already allow travel as long as you take all the precautions and follow all the rules.

So, if you’re eager to plan your first post-quarantine trip, share some tips you can keep in mind to ensure you have a fun and safe adventure. 

Stay in top shape 

There’s no point in planning your trip if you get sick right before your departure, so take extra care of your health and make sure you’re in top shape before your trip. How can you ensure you’re strong and healthy? 

Well, improve your dietary habits, stay active and follow all recommended distancing and protective rules. It’s important to boost your immune system by filling your plate with plenty of nutrients, and you might even consider supplements. Spending time outside in the sun is very important too. It lowers anxiety and stress, boosts your immune response and improves healing. 

Plus, it’s harder to contract COVID-19 outside than inside (if you’re following all safety protocols). 

Research destination restrictions

Before you settle on a location, study different pandemic situations around the world, and keep up to date on what’s happening in your desired destination. 

For instance, if you want to go to Europe do your research, see how they handle the pandemic there, and plan how you can have a fun vacation with the destination’s restrictions in place. 

Study the restrictions and see if you need face coverings, which businesses are open, and whether you need to quarantine upon arrival. 

Choose the right transport method

Getting to your destination is the key element of every travel adventure. Today, more and more people choose private transport, especially those that travel with pets (road trips are so popular these days), but that’s not always possible. No matter what type of transportation you choose, expect to do a lot of planning. 

For instance, if you’re driving, decide on a suitable vehicle, do a full vehicle checkup and pack your car well. If you’re flying, check your airline’s safety precautions and rules each traveler needs to follow. Pick an airline that conducts regular cleanings between flights and has a reduced capacity with good social distancing. 

According to TripperBus.com, reputable carriers will have up-to-date policies available on the web, so you can make sure comfort and hygiene are met.

Most airlines demand to face coverings all throughout the flight, so keep that in mind when packing

Consider various accommodations

Once you arrive, you want to stay both comfy and safe. It’s best to stay away from accommodations like hostels where you can’t really distance yourself from strangers. 

Many health experts recommend Airbnb since it allows minimal interaction with other people, but serviced apartments are getting more and more popular, especially in places like Hong Kong. If you choose safe Hong Kong serviced apartments, you can expect maximum hygiene, all necessary amenities, regular linen change and all necessary cleaning services. There are even fun community events, but you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to risk anything. 

Prep a backup plan for every activity

It’s crucial to apply flexibility when planning activities.

For instance, if your trip is based around the various theme parks, national parks, theater beach, or other public spot visits, check in advance whether they are open. This will be completely out of your control, so prep a Plan B for all the activities. 

Pack extra hygiene products

You might also need to change your packing strategy for your post-quarantine trip. Traveling light is splendid, but pack all the hygiene products and supplies, since you can’t really be sure you can get them at your destination.

Stock up on masks, too! You can get a few reusable ones and wash them regularly so you don’t have to produce a lot of trash.

Fill your bag with enough disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer since these can serve multiple purposes. It’s also a smart idea to pack some snacks and drinks since your shopping options might be limited. 

Plan to self-isolate once you get back

It’s smart to plan for self-isolation once you get back, depending on the infection rates at your travel destination. If you have work or kids in school, this might not be a straightforward task, but it’s necessary if you don’t want to infect others. Even if you feel fine, you can be an asymptomatic carrier. 

The situation in the world is still critical, but life must go on. If you take all the precautions, you can travel safely and come back from your trip refreshed, recharged, and ready to handle this not-so-bright reality again. 

Author: Dmitri Kara

Started as a jack of all trades back in early 2012, Dmitri Kara is currently a recognised expert in a wide range of domestic and commercial trades. Dmitri has appeared for quite a few reputable outlets such as Today.com, Metro.News, Telegraph.co.uk, ReadersDigest.com, Quote.com, Reviews.com, Plus.net, IkeaHackers.net, MyKukun.com and many more.

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