22 Bulgarian Festivals You Must Experience At Least Once


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Want to know when is the best time to visit Bulgaria? I will tell you – NOW! Summer is the time when you will fall in love with the country wherever you go. There are so many places and events you can embark on a journey of magic music, art and smiley faces. Check out the best summer festivals in Bulgaria and promise me that you will visit at least one this summer.

Meadows in the Mountains

1This year the hearth of the mountains will hold the “Meadows in the Mountains” – festival that immerses audiences around the world in a unique party atmosphere, innovative music on two stages, conceptual art and good mood. The festival attracts with its oddities and unusual approach that does not fall for modern trends or foreign music festisval concepts.

Meadows in the Mountains




Holi Festival of Colours

CaptureOn June 21 Sofia will turn in the most colorful city in Bulgaria. On this day the capital will celebrates the first festival of colors in the country. The popular Indian tradition, uniting people in the name of spring, love, freedom and the victory of good over evil, will arrive in “Academic” stadium in Sofia especially for the longest day of the year.





 Watertower Art Fest

4The eight edition of the Watertower festival will take place in Sofia. The Bulgarian art festival is an initiative led by artists that began as a small-scene event and over the years has grown significantly. The event is a major international forum for the presentation of national and international artists working in the contemporary visual arts.

Watertower Art Fest




5WakeUp! Bulgaria – “Back to the Roots” is held over the meadows of the town of Kuklen on the road to the monastery St. “Kozma and Damian”, 15 km from Plovdiv. This year the Bulgarian music festival offers a 60 hours set of non stop music in 20 different styles and 3 scenes with over a 100 artists. The daily program is also varied, filled with children workshops, crafts and art studios.





 Voinegovtsi Wrong Fest

6This music Bulgarian festival is held in Voinegovtsi village near Sofia. The main goal is the facilitation of the Bulgarian rock, alternative, ska, and metal scene. 14 bands are included this year, which will be thematically divided into a “Right day”(21.06) and “Wrong Day”  (22.06) and the headliners are Superhiks ans Smallman.

voynegovtsi wrong fest



 Egulya Fest

CaptureEgulya Fest is an annual meeting of smiling people who love to have fun and dance under the sky. And this year this  festival in Bulgaria will be held on the meadows of Plana. Fresh green forest and enjoyable Reggae, Ragga, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Ska music and many more electronic stiles which will surround all the guests.

Egulya Fest



Broken Balkanz

CaptureThe Drum&Bass outdoor festival, will be held for 14th year at the foot of Vitosha mountain near Sofia. Big names like S.P.Y, Chris.Su and Teddy Killerzand Balkans will hit the ground again on the 8th birthday of the national park Vitosha, accompanied by camp, extreme activities and non-stop drum and bass music.

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Kavarna Rock Festival

7On the 28th adn 29th June 2014 the Bulgarian music festival will be visited by world famous groups – Europe, Helloween, Sabaton, Krokus, Gotthard, Pretty, Maids, Jorn and Gus G. On Junr 27th a rock competition will be held “Black Sea Battle of the Bands” with a vast numbers of representatives from Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Kavarna Rock



  Sofia Rocks

8The fifth edition of the biggest Bulgarian Rock Festival shall take place at the Academic Stadium in Bulgaria’s capital city (Manastirska street). The fans of the solid and hard sound in Bulgaria will have the chance to meet the extremely popular rock bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, The Offspring, Mando Diao, Skillet, Alcest, Ossy and many more.

Sofia Rocks




9The Bulgarian festival called FUNCITY will take place at the sea garden in Varna. The festival focused on the diverse interests, abilities and activities of young people in the city and motivates them to be actively involved with their ideas. The program contains music, extreme sports, street dance, new forms of visual and applied arts, crafts, workshops and entrepreneurship.

http://www.funcity.bg/Fun city



  Nature All Hip-Hop

00This festival in Bulgaria devoted to the Bulgarian Hip-Hop and reggae culture. The seventh edition of the festival will be held close to Veliko Tarnovo. The line up makes up to about 30 groups and graffiti artists which within 2 days will explode the Hip-Hop fans. Tickets – at the festival only.

Nature All Hip-Hop




11The Bulgarian music festival comes out from a symbiosis between Art and Atmosphere. During this festival has evolved as a regional leading event for conceptual electronic music, targeted to advanced listeners and fans of alternative culture



The Great Desert of Rila

13The festival “The Great Desert of Rila” will climb to the highest hut in Bulgaria – “Ivan Vasov” in the Rila mountain. The first edition of the high mountain festival will combine the beautiful Rila landscape with appropriate music. The visitors will be able to listen to the music of Tulpa, Kayno Yesno Slonce and Zeyra at a 2300 m high in the mountain.





  Uzana Fest

15This Year Usana festival will change attitudes and inspires followers near Gabrovo, Bulgaria. This is the creativity and the energy center of the best green ideas, happening at the middle of the country. You may expect eco-innovation for sustainable development, organic farming, eco education, management of resources and lots of music.

hUzana Festivalttp://uzanafest.com/



 BlueBerry Festival

17Another amazing Bulgarian festival will be held in late July. This is the first blueberry festival in the country. The place is Ambaritsa hut in the Stara Planina mountain. You can expect many competitions with prizes, screenings, music and more.

Blueberry Festivalhttps://www.facebook.com/BlueberriesFestival



 The Suntribe Fest

rerrereThe Suntribe music festival has become a tradition for the fifth consecutive year. It will brings together music maniacs from all over the country on the Otmanli meadows near Burgas. Again with minimal resources and maximum desire the psyched team will create an atmosphere which everyone can feel.



International Festival of Kites

CaptureFor the second year the Bulgarian festival of kites will be held on 16 August 2014 at Asparouhov beach, Varna. This year the festival became an international – participants from Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Romania and other countries will show their own original models. The program includes a parade of kites, a competition for the most attractive models, demonstrations of model aircrafts, gliders, other flying objects and workshop kites in place.






18The first weekend of August holds the most famous folk music festival in Bulgaria with a contest of traditional bagpipes of Ilinden meadows at the village of Gela. Every year Rhodope council collects numerous of connoisseurs of Bulgarian folk music, at the meadows next to the chapel of St. Ilia, stretching rugs and melodies of the pipes sound till late hours.





 Bansko Jazz Festival

qqqqqThis is the biggest international Jazz Festival in Bulgaria. The enormous popularity which the festival enjoys among specialists and fans across the world has turned it into one of the foremost international cultural happenings in the Balkans. The quaint old town becomes a meeting place for emblematic figures of today’s music world. 





19Bulgarian festival, adventurous wandering & hitchhiking contest throughout Bulgaria. All this is Hikethrough! Hike through a week-long adventure in which you have to show your love of traveling and discovering new places. Hiking, green meadows and beautiful Bulgarian hidden corners are just part of the journey which ends on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.



 Beglika Festival

20The Bulgarian festival called Beglika  is waiting for you at the Weastern Rhodopa. This Bulgarian Festival embraces the importance of the surrounding world, through musical and visual experiments ins search of alternatives. Beglika will delight visitors with a variety of workshops, performances, theater, mountain sports, games an quality Bulgarian and Balkan music, This year anyone can suggest the content of the program.

Beglika Festivalhttp://fest.beglika.org/


  Different Vision

21This festival in Bulgaria is organized for a 7th year and it is held in the city of Stara Zagora. It includes music scene, exhibitions, film screenings, art installations, workshops, historical reenactments, youth activities and more. Stephen Valdobrev, Mim formation “Fire theater”, Foundation for graphic synthesis and Water Tower Art Fest are among the participants.

Different visionhttp://razlichniatpogled.org/



Please, If you decide to come over, drop me a text in the comments. I will be happy to meet you up and show you the best of Bulgaria. :)


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