Borovets ski

January 8, 2015
by Adriana

How About a Ski Holiday in Borovets, Bulgaria?

Borovets skiBorovets – the oldest Bulgarian ski resort is one of my favorite places for skiing in Bulgaria. You wonder why I prefer it to the others? Not that crowded, not that expensive ski resort with excellent conditions for night skiing, located just hour and half away from Sofia. What else? O yeah, it’s just BEAUTIFUL! Continue Reading →

Monument in Sofia

January 4, 2015
by Adriana

A Little Piece of… Art in the Center of Sofia

A piece of... Art
“What is this Monument?” and “Why it’s still here?” are questions all my tourists ask me every time we pass the city center on the way to the National Palace of the Culture. But the question which scares me the most is “What do you think about it?”. My answer is always the same: “To be honest, can’t wait the day when it will be leveled to the ground!” Continue Reading →

December 27, 2014
by Adriana
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The Christmas Spirit in Varna, Bulgaria

The Christmas Spirit in VarnaVarna – the sea capital of Bulgaria a.k.a my home town is one of the most famous summer destinations in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, I can’t say this for the winter season. However, while in Sofia only a few small squares are decorated, Varna is shining of lights, colors and Christmas spirit carried by the cold sea wind. I really love it! Continue Reading →

December 20, 2014
by Adriana

What to Do in Case of Lost Luggage at the Airport?

Lost luggage at the airportHave you ever lost your luggage? After all we probably pay to check our luggage in the luggage compartment at the beginning of the flight, but not everyone has the good fortune to receive it on the arrival. Waiting for tape storage can be very frustrating, especially when your new bag appears in deplorable condition, or even worse – does not arrive at all. Continue Reading →

December 12, 2014
by Adriana
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Things to See in Niš, Serbia (+ a Brief History)

Nis, SerbiaРепублика Србија, Republic of Serbia or simply Serbia… At the very heart of the Balkans, Serbia is a beautiful country that is full of natural and historical beauties. From Roman baths to Ottoman mosques, from old Vinčan remains to astonishing little churches. I, personally, have great memories (and even greater friends!) in Serbia so in this article, I’m going to introduce you the beautiful city of  Niš, which is more than a must-see if you try to socialize within the city even just a little bit. Continue Reading →

Travel Bulgaria for FREE

November 20, 2014
by Adriana

1001 Things To Do in Bulgaria for FREE!

Travel Bulgaria for FREEI know that you are going crazy about free stuff same like me, especially when it comes to travelling. As you know, Bulgaria is one of the top valuable destinations according to the Lonely Planet website for the last two years. So, yes! Most of things in Bulgaria are cheap, but the best part – some of them are totally free. In this article I will reveal many secrets about the budget travelling across my wonderful country – Bulgaria. So, check this out:

Free Tours in Bulgaria
Free Museums in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Landmarks for Free
Churches and Monasteries Free of Charge
The Museum Cities are Free
Free Natural Sights
Free Activities
Free Transport and Accommodation
Continue Reading →